High Performance Transmissions

When you're looking for more performance, Hamilton's Transmission Experts is the transmission repair shop for your custom rebuilding needs. Maximize your speed with a harder shift, change your torque converter stall speed, implement durability upgrades, and more at Hamilton's Transmission Experts.

Our services do not end with performance transmission custom rebuilds. We also perform gear swaps, install performance differentials, and build custom rear ends. A selection of high quality synthetic fluids is also available.

And if you need some suggestions on upgrades or improvements, our Experts have the ability to make recommendations to get you the performance you want.

  • Custom transmission rebuilds for your high performance hot rod
  • Performance transmission tuning
  • Custom rebuilt rear ends
  • High quality synthetic fluids
  • Expert suggestions to provide the power and performance you want

Hot Rod photographs generously donated by J. and K. White.