Electrical, Vibration & Noise Complaints

Complaints like electrical issues, vibrations, and noises require the Expert diagnostics and troubleshooting of Hamilton's Transmission Experts. Our Expert transmission mechanics have the skills and knowledge required to solve those complaints, even when other mechanics have failed.

Whining noises from your torque converter, wheel bearings that growl and hum, and banging noises from the transmission mounts are your signals to have your vehicle's transmission and driveline inspected.

The most common cause of vibrations is sagging engine mounts or transmission mounts. But the source of vibrations can include a large number of possibilities and many transmission repair shops are not capable of confidently identifying the causes. Our Expert transmission mechanics utilize their decades of experience in diagnosing and troubleshooting to accurately identify the source of your vibrations and competently repair the correct components.

We often hear customers talk about other shops doing repeated repairs or replacements of various vehicle components without resolution of their electrical complaints. Electrical problems can result in a code being set by the engine control module, transmission control module, or other computer modules. Knowing the code is only the beginning of solving the problem since these codes do not always correlate with the faulty component. In addition, not all electrical problems result in a code being set. Transmission repair shops require the skills and knowledge of an Expert transmission mechanic to diagnose the actual issue that is causing the electrical problem and repair only those components that need repair.

Electrical, vibration, and noise complaints can be difficult to accurately diagnose and repair. You deserve to have your complaints addressed right the first time and Hamilton's Transmission Experts has the skills and experience to give you the service you deserve.

  • Expert diagnostics used by Expert transmission mechanics
  • Quality service and results the first time
  • Able to solve complaints that other shops struggle to handle
  • Able to solve intermittent and constant electrical problems or codes
  • Identify source and solutions for noise complaints
  • Isolate and identify source of vibrations