Clutches & Driveline Repairs

Our services are not limited to transmission repair only. Your driveline and clutch also receive the same Expert attention for maintenance and repair at Hamilton's Transmission Experts. By maintaining your driveline in perfect working order, you can minimize vibrations, noise, and excessive wear of driveline components. Don't worry if you can't identify the exact cause of your banging, grinding, or clunking driveline. With decades of Expert diagnostics and troubleshooting experience, our mechanics can identify the cause of your driveline issues and prepare options for the recommended repair or replacement.

Clutches on vehicles that are frequently driven in heavy traffic or on hilly roads will have shortened lives. Clutch disc wear will cause "slipping" and there are many warning signs that your clutch is "slipping" and requires attention. If you need to press harder on the pedal to use your clutch, have noticed a steadily declining gas mileage, or your engine is revving, your clutch may be starting to "slip". We recommend a clutch adjustment and comprehensive test drive every 60,000 kilometers to ensure smooth shifting and optimum performance.

We are committed to handling all of your transmission and driveline issues, as well as clutch repair and maintenance. Our services include maintenance, repair, and replacement of these components by our Expert transmission mechanics.

  • Full-service driveline and clutch repair shop
  • Expert diagnostics to correctly identify drivetrain issues
  • Routine clutch maintenance and adjustments
  • Expert clutch repair and replacement