About Peter Tupholme

Owner of Hamilton's Transmission Experts

  • Master transmission mechanic
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Expert transmission and driveline diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Expert custom performance transmission rebuilder

Peter Tupholme is a licensed master transmission mechanic with over 30 years of transmission repair and rebuilding experience in the Hamilton area. Peter has worked in a variety of settings including small to large private shops, nationally branded shops, and his own home-based transmission rebuilding business. His roles have included lead transmission mechanic, management of a variety of transmission shops, owner of a home-based rebuilding business, and now owner of Hamilton's Transmission Experts. Peter has also trained and supervised transmission mechanic apprentices who have gone on to become qualified transmission mechanics in their own careers.

After decades of experience as a master transmission mechanic, Peter has the skills to solve even the most challenging transmission and driveline issues. He has fine tuned troubleshooting and diagnosing skills and expert transmission rebuilding skills. With such a successful career, Peter has many loyal and satisfied customers and a reputation in the transmission repair community as an Expert.

In his spare time, Peter enjoys watching the Toronto Maple Leafs, working on his '68 Camaro, spending time with his brother fishing and camping in Ontario's far North, and walking his golden retriever in the forested areas around his home.

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